7 Feb


These are some essential digital strategies on social networks for tourism brands this year.

  • Internet users want authentic and embodied content

Internet users are becoming tired of overly polished and aesthetically perfect communications. Some graphic designs that are too perfect have lost their meaning to the audiences they were meant to attract. In the race for engagement and attention, raw and authentic content is now preferred over beauty, which is considered too standardized and fixed.




  • Community engagement shifts to private conversations

There is a growing trend for people to share updates within more intimate circles, such as groups or private messages,

rather than posting them publicly on social networks. Concerns over data scandals, mental health, privacy, and the polarization of public discourse are driving this shift toward private communication.

Snapchat has been particularly successful in this area among those under 30, with more than 20 million daily visitors in France. Platforms like Meta, Facebook, and Instagram have also launched messaging features to benefit from this trend. The shift from public to private communication impacts engagement on public posts, particularly comments, causing brands to re-evaluate their metrics.


  •  LinkedIn, essential, becomes an excellent B2C channel

Destinations and tour operators have recognized the significance of enhancing their presence on LinkedIn. With over a billion members, this professional social network is viral and has a large audience (nearly 17 million monthly visitors in France only). LinkedIn has overtaken X (formerly Twitter) and become the best corporate communication channel.




  • Generative AI, the new El Dorado

In 2023, generative AI has become the most publicized subject that has significantly impacted our daily lives, especially those of marketing

professionals. One of the earliest applications of AI was the conversational assistant.



  • Ad activation is inevitable

After a decade of actively using social media, tourism brands are now realizing that free visibility only sometimes translates to solid engagement, large audiences, or significant commercial impact. This has led to a decline in the effectiveness of social media strategies for professionals who need to invest more in their editorial and advertising campaigns.






Credit – Tourism Review News


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